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Hi there. I installed and followed the instructions, but still getting this error:
Processing Campaign SA-Tenders Sitemap { 43925 }
Loading:https://www.sa-tenders.co.za/sitemap.xml<-- 92398 Chars returned
Extracting content by REGEX : <loc>(.*?)</loc><-- 43990 chars
No links were found
Should get content from feeds
Processing 1 Feeds for this campaign SA-Tenders Sitemap

Any suggestion on what we doing wrong? No post was imported.


Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/16 09:56

Hi there.
I also found this link, follow it exact and still getting this error.

Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/16 10:13

Hi Ezra,

I checked the sitemap HTML and the URLs do not contain http and the domain name, this is why this method will not work for this sitemap

Why not use the multi-page scraper to import from the main site directly?


check this tutorial


Atef 2021/11/17 15:39

HI there and many thanks for the response.

I managed to get it to work, but it only import one post, not all of them. Something I am doing wrong.

Was using this url on visual as per the video.

Can you also let me know if it would be able to import from this url - keywords "training"

Site works a bit different and is very tricky - if the second one is possible.

Kindly let me know if you able to do this for me, the cost if possible. Just need these two setup and working, once I have the example I will be able to do more.

Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/18 08:45

Hi Ezra,

I tested importing from this link https://www.sa-tenders.co.za/search%20results?body_value=

just picked the first item from the list using the visual scraper

It then imported normally from the list

with each run, the plugin will import one new post

If you can not set it up, provide WordPress admin login and let me know which campaign to check


Atef 2021/11/18 10:50

Many thanks.
I managed to figure it out and it is working.

Did you manage to look at the site:

Want to import any post with the keyword "training" in it.

Many thanks for the help so far.
Totally loving the plugin.

Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/18 10:53

This is the only import I am struggling with.

https://www.etenders.gov.za/ - keyword Training.

UR: https://www.trainingforum.org.za/wp-admin
User: freelancer
Password: freelancer@2019

Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/18 10:55

HI there.
Not sure if you missed my ticket.
I am still strugling with the website http://www.etenders.gov.za on keyword "training"

If I get this to work, I want to purchase another plugin on a different site to import all information without a keyword.

Will to pay for the service.
Waiting your response.

Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/23 07:17

Hi Ezra,

Sorry for long reply delay

I tested this site and it is not possible for many reasons. it takes time to load the posts + it is not posts that can be followed by the plugin to get the content from


Atef 2021/11/27 08:27

Hi there and thanks for the response.

Also have a look at these two URLs that I found on this site.


With the screen view it gives you all the active post at the bottom, but with view through the plugin it does not show.

On the same URL on Categories', if it is possible to only bring in the "education" field.

Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/27 08:58

Sorry, Even if all post come, I can manage it on my side.

Just trying to see if this would not work.

Ezra Steenkamp 2021/11/27 08:59

I tested it again but can not find it suitable

Atef 2021/11/28 13:20
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